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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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paradise there is a glimmer of hope that the truth might finally see the light of day the all the. china says 6 health workers have died and over 1700 are infected by the corona virus increasing concerns about a shortage of medical resources empty streets and not enough fools we hear from the residents living at the center of the outbreak. now you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the bad or also ahead a syrian government helicopter is shot down a bit intense fighting in a province train services are destructive across canada by protesters opposing a gas pipeline on indigenous lands and serbia and kosovo agreed to restore road and
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rail links in a u.s. brokered deal. thank you for joining us the chinese government has confirmed that 6 health care workers have died from corona virus more than 7500 others have been infected most of them in a province the epicenter of the outbreak this increases concerns about a shortage of medical resources. which it was in the national health commission is very concerned about this with issue technical guidelines for the prevention and control of corona virus infections within medical institutions and we've given a special notice on virus control for key areas and the fever departments of the hospitals through these documents we have imposed special requirements on hudson the personal protection of medical workers. our president xi jinping has vowed to
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fix the problems loopholes and weaknesses exposed during the ongoing crisis according to state television he also said that the government will improve medical resources medical insurance rather and treatment systems for major diseases in japan 218 people on board a cruise ship have been infected with the virus making it the knowledge of confirmed cases outside of china but 11 vulnerable passengers have been allowed to get off the ship and complete their current team on land and in vietnam in vietnam rather as turned away 2 of the crew ships over fears of the virus well in 10000 people in villages northwest of the capital had no we have been sealed off as a number of cases in the country climbs to 16 the chinese city of one has been under lockdown for 3 weeks now since it was identified as the source of the outbreak millions have been ordered to stay at home as the government tries to stop the spread of the virus journalists are also restricted from traveling there but
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al-jazeera obtained exclusive pictures from one residence trapped there katrina you has our report from beijing. empty streets and an increasingly empty fridge there are plenty of vegetables but not much meat for the one family's next meal during the coronavirus lockdown speaking by video call from who pay one should told us his family was doing its best not to panic. and we've got a whole was pretty decent for it to loop over all bodies. we're miles we don't know if we go out we come back with our restock our clothes so we do see for every day. he lives in ging mn a city neighboring will hunt the epicenter of the virus outbreak for 3 weeks the family's been ordered to stay indoors movement is increasingly restricted once every 3 days one family members allow to leave the house to pick up groceries supplies and juice are limited shoppers stand in lines one meter apart waiting to
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enter it's been almost a month since one saw his daughters who are staying with relatives in southeast china is it true that there are few relief that my wife and daughters are not there who are now we chat or lie every day they're doing ok just worry about me the vast majority of confirmed coronavirus cases will than 50000 are in a province patients have been sharing videos and social media of life inside makeshift hospitals and quarantined sentence at least 1700 medical staff are among the infected. elsewhere in china people taking any chances. wanks in hopes leaders will learn their lesson from the outbreak. at the beginning nobody paid enough attention everyone thought it was under control until it was too late. and looks forward to life under lockdown coming to an end
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katrina al-jazeera beijing. and other world news a syrian government helicopter has been shot down in the northwest of the country's state news agencies say all crew members have been killed it's not clear however who's responsible but rebels have said they shot down the chopper government forces are trying to retake the remaining rebel held areas in adelaide province let's get the latest from. monitoring the situation in syria for us from the turkish syrian border and what were you hearing about this incident and who could be responsible for bringing down this helicopter. ali the helicopter was taking part in a government offensive to take over rebel held territory on the outskirts of aleppo and very was shot down now the rebels say that they were the ones who opened fire on the helicopter but sources but affiliated with the syrian government say
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that they believe that the helicopter was downed by turkish military post stations. and this is going to be a setback for the syrian government because it comes at a time when the superiority of the syrian government and the role of the helicopters words in particular taken over a vast territory recently in the southern and western. syrian government forces 5 to retake. the last rebel held area it's a civilians of course or once again bearing the brunt of all of this just how bad is the situation right now on the ground what are you hearing about their fate. the situation is is very bad it tells intensified he has sent over the last few days as the fighting. also intensified thousands of people fled their homes and
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villages about 140000 fled their homes over the last 4 days joining almost a 1000000 refugees trapped completely stranded on the border with turkey they say that they have nowhere to go the next step could be towards the unknown they are asking the international community for help what they need know immediately is stance sheets blankets basic commodities to be able to survive because tempers is below 0 in many areas particularly in they're concerned about their safety and the safety of their children the problem is that he really tell you agencies will find it extremely difficult to move along provide logistics as the situation thank you for that update hashem had a viral life for us on the turkish syrian border. now serbia and kosovo have signed a deal to restore railway and highway links after more than 2 decades the agreement
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brokered by the us was signed at the munich security conference on friday it comes after the 2 countries agreed in january to launch direct commercial flights serbia does not recognize kosovo as independent and sell consider is it part of its territory talks to normalize relations between the rivals came to a halt in november 28th. our concern on behalf of the republic of serbia the full force or will you. model builder in the future and we will be able to stabilize the region and to secure the peace for the next decades which is over now for significance for all the inhabitants of the us suppose the resource of what we are signing today gives another positive message that there will be more peace more stability more development into board jobs exactly what costs a vote serbia and the whole region need. and there are some 35 world leaders as
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well as hundreds of politicians and diplomats attending the munich security conference the 3 day summit is one of the world's top gatherings focused on security and foreign policy issues there speak to our diplomatic editor james space who is in munich for us so james already some positive news with this serbia kosovo deal tell us more about what else is on the agenda. well as ever with these sort of events yes things happen on the main stage and there are lots and lots of speakers in many ways though it's what happens in the margins of a meeting like this who gets to speak to who one area where i think that could be developments is the situation in libya some 4 weeks ago now world leaders met in berlin with a plan for libya they've made very detailed progress since that though and so we understand will be a ministerial meeting on the sidelines of this conference on sunday to try and push
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things forward one man who's just back from libya is the president of the international committee of the red cross peter mauer let's focus for a moment on what it's really like on the ground for the people of libya how grave is the situation well their situation is serious for many libyans today because of the still active front lines in particular the frontline around tripoli which has displaced over the last 9 months between 15200000 people who couldn't go back to their homes which has destroyed the infrastructure life of people which have put kids out of school which has destroyed water sanitation system hospitals the story you know from today's conflict other parts softly are precariously recovering at a have seen war recently and they are recovering but this is still a very unstable situation still a very fragmented country which definitely also needs support one of the trends
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we've seen in recent years in libya is those that come into libya trying to get through libya to get to europe they used to go on boats most of those boats now are not going people are trapped in libya with this ongoing conflict tell me about those africans who are trapped in the via i think one of the specificity of the libyan context is indeed that while you have been local conflict. the libyan conflict ongoing you have on top of it a migration movement which comes from subsaharan africa from west africa through libya into a dimity terrain and europe and as everybody knows since 20151415 days has become a major humanitarian crisis in particular those who have been sent back who have been picked up in the mediterranean who go into libyan retention migration retention centers in which we see unfold
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a major humanitarian crisis with little access and little your money terry and space to really operate so a very difficult situation on top of the libyan dynamics that we have talked about that beginning one more chance for diplomacy here in munich the secretary general of the u.n. has described the situation with the involvement of so many international players on libya as a scandal how urgent is it that actually diplomats try and get things moving well it's certainly a positive steps that countries who are involved in libya who have all the asli divergent interests supporting divergent and different parties in libya who are contributing through daire alliances to the situation at the present moment come together and try to find a way forward when i compare of what i have seen over the last couple of days there is obviously a huge discrepancy between declarations of intent and the reality of the
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situation on the ground and this will work need a lot of diplomatic work still fine tuning on what exactly has to happen and how countries exert their influence over parties in libya to not judge them into consensus for the future peaceful solution of the libyan conflict president of the international committee of the red cross peter maer of thank you for giving us the us that update from le. you're back from libya just now and arrived here at the munich security conference and i'm sure will be speaking to some of those foreign ministers and leaders who are here to sunday will be having another meeting another gathering of the key countries on libya james thank you for that james space our diplomatic editor live from any any and we have more news for you on al-jazeera after this very short rates and stay with us.
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hello yet more rain is gathering in china to eventually run out sergio pan this will be one 4th wolf a series of waving cloud bands that bring the significant rain this one is going up into the southern parts of maylands of japan but mostly in the really cute chain that's on saturday for obviously what's happening in southern china as of some significance given the color tell you if it's orange it's heavy rain if it's dark blue it's not quite so heavy but still more than it should be for this time the overnight to cause it to creeps out through eastern china heads towards japan which is where it will be on sunday leaving dry weather behind for a time a t.d. in hong kong plus one in beijing but with some moving in with the breeze here which is still cold enough i look at mons 12 to bring snow to this publicly from the north korea and significant snow that the showers in indonesia are pretty well so widespread now the movie up through malays here into the southern part of thailand
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as well not a huge number but some and you know it is the best problem point singapore and now in that fairly regularly repeated shower regime it's not right yet but it's still occasionally showery in india it's a dry picture in sri lanka however we do get a few passing showers not many but want to. the. big stories generated thousands of headlines maybe angles been distorted are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives of things never really being believed the prey muddying the water even separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism is so clear and a chance to. hear us think with the listening post on al-jazeera. the
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if. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the chinese government has confirmed that 6 al qaeda workers have died from corona virus and 1700 others are infected it raises concerns about a shortage of medical resources a syrian government helicopter has been downed in the country's northwest state news agency state news says all crew members have been killed government forces are trying to retake the country's last rebel held territory innately profits and serbia and kosovo have signed an agreement to restore rail anti-whaling softer more than 2 decades the deal was finalized at the ongoing unique security conference.
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returning now to our top story and nearly $65000.00 people have been infected worldwide with the corona virus almost all the cases though are in china's province it's also seen more than 95 percent of the 1380 deaths so far the only 500 cases have been confirmed in 24 other countries the philippines hong kong and japan have each reported one death from the virus early i spoke to dr mohammed near who is a viral lancaster university he says fs so long don the city of new han were not successful but there are still pressure on the chinese authorities to do more. in the majority of the cases those been our own the word they are directly or indirectly associated with the horn or the who bay provisions and because probably that was the reason that the majority of the efforts were really to contain and to isolate and to lock down the people in that peruvians and since the application of
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those approaches the overall number of cases that we see. are in their own the word start to decline and all those cases that appear off the record were through indirect routes to light from singapore or from other countries where infected people have transmitted the virus so overall it appears that the control measures that were put in place they started to work and therefore the overall impact is decreasing day by day however as we have seen the number of cases are not declining within china so this also indicates that there is still a pressure on to the to the government authorities to really take a little more cautionary. you know scenario to controlling the infection within within the vulnerable population so there are still a lot to be done to really claim that all 'd the control may years that needed to be put in place or being placed because until we start significant decline in the number of cases we can't really say that all those are really up to the mark in
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cambodia meanwhile it was all smiles as passengers disembarked from a cruise ship that had been turned away by 4 asian governments because a few years of the virus they are no confirmed cases among the more than 2000 people on board the westerdam when harry for some sort of jail port where the ship is stopped. there was celebration and relief as passengers finally received would they were allowed to begin disembarking from the west a dam a ceremonial welcome in cambodia marks the end of a 2 week journey around a ship has pulled up to portray rejected the ship's request to dock you know the ship was very very safe the crew was fantastic we had a very good time considering the circumstances everything was very nice it's nice to be able to get home feels fairly good but me with must say on the ship was fairly well the food was well at the table to us well so we didn't suffer at all and we knew it was no illness at book. cambodia's prime minister who flew in for
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the occasion he's consistently downplayed concerns about coronavirus and did so again on the dock in sihanoukville when other government said no to the ship he said yes and he wasn't about to let this opportunity slip by. people asked if there are people on the ship that have coronavirus would allow them to dock i can respond very clearly that if there are people with the virus on the ship i would allow them to dock as soon as possible but there were no confirmed cases on board blood tests taken from 20 passengers who were unwell when the ship arrived in cambodian waters on thursday tested negative these are among the 1st passengers to disembark and sit 4th on land for the 1st time in 2 weeks the whole process of getting everybody off the ship is expected to take around 3 days so for many on board the frustrating waits will continue the plight of the westerdam was another blow to the cruise ship
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industry which is being hit hard by coronavirus its own a carnival is the largest cruise operator in the world and says its share price may tumble this year by more than a half because of cancellations it also learns the diamond princess which is docked in new york a hummer japan with thousands quarantined on board and many confirmed infections among passengers and crew experts say the potential for transmission of the virus on a ship is high so they're not surprised the industry is suffering so if you are in a confined environment like in a cruise ship or in a train then if you are exposed to like you know within the family or with your next to the cabin of the infected person then you can get infected. for those on the wish to dam a bizarre cruise around asia is over ending with a welcome and a farewell in cambodia they'll never forget when hey al jazeera sent uphill. rail passengers in canada going nowhere because of nationwide protests against
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a gas pipeline demonstrators have forced the closure of a main train network in support of an indigenous school fighting the construction through their national traditional lands nicola gage has a story. it may look like a small protest but groups like this in ontario and all across canada have brought north america's 3rd largest rail network to a standstill protest is angry that the building of a gas pipeline have blocked trial lines for 6 successive days forcing c.n. rail to shut its network in the country's east hundreds of passenger and freight trains have been cancelled it's too bad it. be the last route to do it but this isn't we have to take the approved pop line owned by t.c. energy corps is planned to carry natural gas from dawson creek in british columbia south west were a fine or a new key to mat for shipment to asian markets the pop line is central to
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a $40000000000.00 export project it also runs through traditional indigenous lands . and agreements where they don't have the authority on the greens that play the game that the province in canada played for years in nova scotia in canada's far east demonstrators block telephonic city hall prime minister justin trudeau has recognised the right to protest but he's pushing for a swift resolution industry groups are worried about the cost to canada's economy and are urging the restarting of train services i'm not here to advocate for a project i'm here to advocate for a process that make sure that we don't fail to allow canadians to be heard. effectively through the examination fair and full of these types of applications. if the pipeline outcry continues c.n.n.
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says temporary layoffs are possible nicola gage. now jerry i said 1st anniversary of the beginning of the mass movements that i'll said the country's longest serving leader president i'm a fake i was removed in april but protesters are still demanding freedom and democracy as well as the removal of those they call the ruling elite victoria. every friday for the last year they've been demanding an overhaul of algeria's entire political establishment. many algerian say they feel betrayed by that political elite and have lost trust in the government. algeria's political crisis began last february when president after lizzie's beautifully announced he wanted a 5th term in office the 82 year old had ruled for 20 years but was rarely seen in public since suffering a stroke in 2013. after weeks of protests calling for him to step down the army
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withdrew its support algeria's longest serving president eventually resigned the speaker of the upper house of parliament upped okada bid salah was appointed interim president but faced a daunting task. his replacement was accused of corruption vote rigging and poor governance and seen by many algerians as belonging to the same elite in salah cools the unity as well as transparent a fair elections but discontent continued with protesters determined to push for genuine change. the presidential election originally shed tools for last july finally happened in december and with boycotted by many algerians millions described the election as a sham and less than 40 percent of the 24000000 eligible voters took part. in the election was won by abdul majid to be
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a former prime minister the military backed interim government hoped he would end months of protests say fall that hasn't happened. and the. local officials student employer used them in the fight against corruption did not go far enough for deep enough. to be social problem of those. 58 years after independence from france many algerian say they're still fighting for freedom they want a clean sweep of the political establishment and a national unity government to bring democracy to tour again to be out is there. in a rare rebuke of donald trump u.s. attorney general william barr has criticized the president's use of twitter that after a series of tweets by donald trump calling for a reduced prison sentence for his close ally roger stone stone a former campaign adviser has been convicted of lying to congress witness tampering and obstruction of justice all 4 federal prosecutors quit on tuesday after the
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justice department said it would reduce their recommend a sentence of up to 9 years to have public statements and tweets made about the department about or people in the department are men and women hear about cases pending in the department and about judges before whom we have cases. make it impossible for me to do my job and to assure the courts and the prosecutors in the in the department that we're doing our work with integrity journalists in the philippines are demonstrating against attempts to close down the country's largest t.v. network a government lawyer filed a petition to cancel the franchise of a.b.s. corp on monday the network has been a fierce critic of president or drink order tatay i mean that linda gun was at a rally in quezon city. they're calling this the red friday protests hundreds of
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journalists and activists are taking to the streets right outside basically the main had. rogers of the biggest media network in the country calling on the public to support and for the government basically to respect the country's and the people's right to press freedom and freedom of speech over the last few years to charity has basically threatened to shut down and not bring you the franchise of a.b. a c.b.s. he has accused it of bias and impartiality and for not to airing his campaign videos during the 2016 elections now activists and journalists say they remain defiant and they remain committed to doing their very best in providing and reporting the very best possible of information to the public it's another tool really. the best everything somebody who decides even. most come most logical mother has come up and is
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always with really no observers say the philippine government and the president in particular has grown intolerant of critical media and this sent people say basically that the efforts of the government our calibrated attempts to him to mediate the press now this is not the 1st time that the a.b.s. t.v. end has been threatened it was shut down during the martial law years of former president ford in a market and was reopened after the people our revolution happened since then evie a c.b.s. has grown to become the biggest media network in the country covering every single important piece of history over the last few decades no journalist say they could who can sing you to remain committed to reporting the truth they say and they bear basically calling on the government to remain committed to its mandate basically to respect freedom of speech and the right to information.
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again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the china. these government has confirmed that 6 health care workers have died from corona virus and 1700 others are infected it raises concerns about a shortage of medical resources. a syrian government helicopter has been downed in the country's northwest state media reports whole crew members have been killed government forces are trying to retake the country's last rebel held territory in italy pine's. has more from the turkish syrian border. the rebels say that they were the ones who opened fire on the helicopter but sources but affiliated with the syrian government say that they believe that the helicopter was downed by turkish military post station. and this is going to be a setback for the syrian government because it comes at a time when the superiority of the syrian government and the role of the
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helicopters. in particular taken over a vast territory recently in the southern and western. serbia and kosovo have signed a deal to restore rail and highway links to more than 2 decades the agreement brokered by the us was signed at the munich security conference on friday it comes after the 2 countries agreed in january to launch direct commercial flights turkey's president is in pakistan's capital islamabad where he's been meeting prime minister iran khan or shabtai bedouin spoke at parliament at a palm in session in address the situation in indian administered kashmir at owen says kashmir is important as is important to his country as it is to pakistan they disputed region has been in lockdown for months. in a rare rebuke of donald trump u.s. attorney general william barr has criticized the president's use of twitter as after a series of tweets by the u.s.
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president calling for a reduced prison sentence for his close ally watches stolen. and journalists in the philippines have been demonstrating against attempts to close down the country's largest t.v. network a government lawyer filed a petition to council the franchise of a.b.s. c.b.s. corporation on monday the network has been a few as critical for president 2 or 3 called the ted tape those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera the stream stay with us. on counting the cost the coronavirus of its impact on the gas market spending billions of dollars to save trillions later from new york to jakarta we look at the cost of values you see the . oceans warm up it's improved our risk you don't. come to the gulf. ok and join the stream today and look at a new series that celebrates the history of black hollywood and in the age of
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oscars so white and bafta so white why is it so difficult to acknowledge the chief once a black creative tell us what you think on twitter at. how much the oscars have changed in the past 92 years you had a choice you know they have you know and not back in 1929 there were no black acting nominees no 2020 we got one of their. own amazing great. comedian steve montana and chris rock of the oscars on separate the 10 and the new talkies serious got a half assed british photographer simon frederick.


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